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"Doreen Taylor is new, absorbing, contemporary and at the same time kind and considerate. It is so difficult to do radio- it's theater of the mind which [Doreen] provides.
It is part of her and [Doreen] does it better than I have ever heard!"

Tony Orlando - Performer

"Doreen Taylor, the Wonder Woman of the national talk radio scene, is as deft an interviewer as she is an entertainer. Nothing beats her in-depth research to bring out the best human interest stories and current controversies in a way that is always supportive and positive for her interviewees, as well as for her viewers looking for a fun hour filled with behind-the-scenes celebrity tales, relevant information, and pure entertainment. Beautiful and brash, funny and fierce, provocative and prepared, Doreen Taylor is at the forefront of talk radio today."

Michael Uslan - Executive Producer, Creator of "BATMAN" Movie Franchise
"I've done a lot of these [interviews] and this is one of the best that I have ever done."

John Ondrasik/ Five For Fighting - Singer Songwriter

"Thank you, Doreen for knowing what you know about what I do because I do a lot of interviews and people don't really get it.  I appreciate you"

Kip Winger-  Frontman of 80's rock band 'Winger' and Classical Composer 

"I am on my knees ready to do a part 2, 3 or 4" 

Leland Sklar - Musician 

"'re really good!" 

Artimus Pyle - Drummer of Lynyrd Skynyrd


"You, my friend, have mastered the art of conversation. You don't do interviews Doreen, you have a conversation and you are wonderful at it! You're entertaining. You're engaging. You're friendly. You care and you are really a master at it! "

T.G. Sheppard-  Country Music Star

"This has been really fun and I appreciate all the homework you've done. It's really nice to talk to somebody who has stalked me so well! I appreciate you, Doreen."

Joe Gatto - Comedian (Impractical Jokers)

"Really enjoyed my time on The Scene with Doreen, she’s such a smart interviewer and we covered many interesting topics. Thank you Doreen Taylor!"

John McEuen - Nitty Gritty Dirt Band

"I have been on live TV in the US and UK for 20+ years. During that time I was interviewed by 100s of hosts. Doreen Taylor was honestly the most prepared host I have ever experienced. She literally covered my whole career and asked perfect and informative questions on a variety of subjects. She made a one hour interview fly by in minutes of non stop conversation."

Marvin Segel -  QVC, Entrepreneur, Celebrity Branding Expert

"Great host. Great topics. Great fun!"

David Smith - VP of the New Jersey Hall of Fame

"Our time together was absolutely fabulous. [Doreen Taylor] is truly one of the best kept secrets in broadcast/streaming. It was an honor to be invited onto her show"

Johnathan Lee Iverson - Ringmaster

Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus

"Doreen Taylor has an easy demeanor and makes it seem that she is truly interested in the interview.  I think she should be pursue a nationally syndicated talk show.  Given the unhappiness and division in the country, we all need to be entertained.  If I was her agent I'd be working on packaging The Scene With Doreen." 

Murray Schwartz - Former CEO of Merv Griffin Enterprises

"Doreen Taylor is a natural in the interview business!" 

Sally Man - PR & Marketing Manager of Rescue Spa

"[Doreen Taylor] did such great research for this interview!" 

Yale Galanter - Criminal Defense Attorney (OJ Simpson, Charlie Sheen)

"You are really, REALLY good at this" 

Zuzana Korda - Publicist

"Thank you for a favorite interview John has done!" 

Brian Smith - Talent Manager (John Berry)

"Thank you for a fabulous time. I had a blast chatting with you!"

Xio Axelrod - USA Today Best Selling Author

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